Another George R. R. Martin interview!

Hi guys! has a new interview with GRRM! Check it out here. This excellent website also runs contest similar to mine. Check them out, if you haven't already. They have a signed copy of Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora, as well as the exact same Robin Hobb contest which I'm currently running. Register there as well, and you have even more chances to win big!;-)

I also have a GRRM goody for you fans out there! One of the runner-up prizes was returned to me in the mail. Apparently, the winner did not give me the correct mailing address. Which means that I presently have a UK first edition hardback of A Feast for Crows, autographed by the big man himself, on my hands! And I'm not paying for postage a second time around.

Which, in the end, means that one of you lucky readers that hang around these parts will get your hands on it!;-) You have to be from the Montreal area and be willing to come pick it up, or be from anywhere else on the face of the earth and be willing to pay for postage. That's about it! To make things a little more interesting, I ask you to write me a little something, telling me why it should be you. Send that email at fantasyhotlist@(no-spam) Be sure to remove the no spam thingy. The person who comes up with the best reason gets the signed GRRM novel!

Good luck!

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