Win free copies of Caitlin Sweet's A TELLING OF STARS and THE SILENCES OF HOME

Holy crap! Another contest!!!

Last month, Larry and I posted an interview with Caitlin Sweet, hoping to introduce the author and her work to a broader base of fantasy fans. And now, Penguin Books Canada have accepted to support a contest in which a couple of winners will get their hands on Sweet's two published novels, A Telling of Stars and The Silences of Home.

So if that Q&A intrigued you, now is your chance to win her books! If you scroll down, you'll see that we have a number of other ongoing contests with prizes by authors such as Robin Hobb, Scott Lynch, Carrie Vaughn and Hal Duncan. While you're at it, why not register for all of them!?!;-) Everybody likes free stuff, after all!

The rules are the same as usual. First off, you need to send an email at fantasyhotlist@(no-spam) with the header "SWEET." With Gryphonwood on the verge of undergoing some changes, this is now the new email address for the contests. Remember to remove the "no spam" thingy. Second, your email must contain your full mailing address (that's snail mail!), otherwise your message will be deleted.

Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. And please include your screen name and the message boards that you frequent using it, if you do hang out on a particular MB. It's nice to recognize some of the winners.

Good luck!

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