Carrie Vaughn contest winners

Hello again!

Here are the five lucky winners who'll receive copies of both Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty goes to Washington. Many thanks to Warner Books for their support.

The winners are:

John D. Sill, from Round Lake, Illinois, USA (Jaxom 1974 on

Joe Sherry, from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

Anna Marie Catoir, fromCovington, Louisiana, USA

Josh Able, from McArthur, California, USA (Werewolfv2 everywhere!)

Ed Sinkovits, fromWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

If I remember correctly, there are three repeat winners in this group. See, it's important to register to these contests, because you never know when your name will be drawn out of the hat!;-)

For more info about Kitty: Canada, USA, Europe

Thanks for participating and stay tuned for more!:-)

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Lightning does strike twice in the same spot. The odds must be pretty good on these draws for me to win a second time so quickly. --Ed S.

Anonymous said...

yay, Im a winner :)

Joe said...

Thanks for the contest Pat, can't wait to get the books!