Paul Kearney contest winners

Hey there!

These five lucky people will each receive a brand new copy of Kearney's This Forsaken Earth. Many thanks to the good people at Transworld for doing this.

Here are the winners:

Thomas Devos from Brussels, Belgium (Danyah on

Kevin Neuhaus, from Mannheim, Germany

Michal Jakuszewski, from Lodz, Poland (Bastard of Godsgrace on

Elio García, from Nödinge, Sweden (the infamous Ran from and our first repeat winner, if I'm not mistaken!)

Teppo Salminen, from Turku, Finland

For more info on This Forsaken Earth: Canada, USA, Europe

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :)
The first time I actually won something in a contest! Well, ok, except for that LEGO car back in Kindergarden, but that doesn't really count.
Football World Cup, books for free...what do you need more? *g*

One very happy
(maschine at

Anonymous said...

Thank You! Your competitions are sweet! I think Paul Kearney is one of the greatest, if least known, modern writers of fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Yaaarrrrr, I be winner... for once.
I thank ye for letting me win Patrick. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I actually won! First time I ever won anything in a lottery. It shows that it pays to try, after all

Thank you for your wonderful contests, Pat.