Joe Abercrombie contest winners!

Hi guys!

The names of our three winners have been drawn. Each will receive an autographed copy of Before They Are Hanged. Many thanks to Joe Abercrombie and the kind folks at Gollancz for making this giveaway possible!:-)

The winners are:

- Maciej Majewskiul, from Warsaw, Poland (Vanin on and

- William Marnoch, from Cambridge, UK (Williamjm on

- Stéphane Crouzy, from Toulouse, France (Errant Bard on

As for me, well I'm more than halfway through the novel, so you can expect a review at some point next week. I will also be doing a short interview with Joe to promote Before They Are Hanged, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks to all the participants!

3 commentaires:

Vanin said...

Well... this is probably the second time I've won anything in a public contest :) Cool.

And thanks for the book, but PLEASE remember I entered other contests as well ;)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is the first time I win anything in an online contest.

Thanks a lot :)

I'm waiting eagerly to read more from Joe, aside from his self-pimping on westeros, of course ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pat :)

I guess I'd better read "The Blade Itself" sometime, good thing I bought it last weekend ;)