YSABEL contest winners!

Hi there!

The names of our five winners have been drawn! Thanks to Penguin Books USA, each of them will receive a complimentary copy of Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel delivered right to their mailbox!

The winners are:

- Kathryn Baron, from Los Angeles, California, USA

- Brian Gibbons, from Orlando, Florida, USA

- Jeff Halfhide from Chattaroy, Washington, USA (shurque's biatch on malazanempire.com)

- Kristen Murphy, from Orono, Maine, USA (Fastia on wotmania.com and asoiaf.westeros.org)

- Dremain T. Moore, from Washington, DC, USA (Rugbyplayingashaman on wotmania.com)

Thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Great! As a long-time Kay fan, I'm really looking forward to this one.

Thanks, Pat, for running contests like this.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy Kay as well.

Wonderful contest, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to have won - I never win these types of contests ever. A free book is just about the best prize I can think of!

I haven't read Kay before, although I've been hearing a lot lately about how excellent his books are, so I'm really looking forward to reading Ysabel.

Thanks for running great contests!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful. It is my birthday this month and there is certainly no nicer present then a long awaited book. I tend to read and re-read Kay, so many, many thanks.