Free Download of Star Wars book from Del Rey

Just received this press release from Del Rey Books:

«As a special gift to STAR WARS fans, Del Rey will be offering Book One in the series, STAR WARS: LEGACY OF THE FORCE: BETRAYAL, as a free downloadable PDF, audio book, and eBook. This promotional offer will run for two weeks, from 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 29, until midnight on Tuesday, May 13. The free download, which can be shared, e-mailed or printed, will be available on

A New York Times bestselling series, LEGACY OF THE FORCE introduces readers to a new era in the STAR WARS universe and features the beloved characters from the original trilogy, answering the questions of what happened to Han, Luke and Leia after the conclusion of STAR WARS: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

Book Nine, the final book in the series, STAR WARS: LEGACY OF THE FORCE: INVINCIBLE, will go on sale as a Del Rey hardcover on May 13. Book Eight, REVELATION, reached the #1 spot on The New York Times paperback bestseller list.

Del Rey has partnered with booksellers to provide the free download.,,,,,, the eBook Store from Sony,, and are making the file available to their customers.

“This giveaway is a great way to introduce the legions of Star Wars fans to our books,” commented Christine Cabello, Deputy Director of Marketing at the Random House Publishing Group, who oversaw the execution of this initiative. “We also expect that it will build awareness and excitement for the on-sale date of the final book in the series, INVINCIBLE.”

Del Rey will be supporting the free download with a major online marketing campaign including an announcement in the STAR WARS e-newsletter, promotion on, and banner advertising.»

Nice way to promote the entire series and the upcoming release of Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible (Canada, USA, Europe).

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Jeff C said...

I love all these ebook promos we are seeing lately. Now if only the (fantasy) book companies would actually issue most of their books in ebook format, as well as their back catalogs.

Anonymous said...

They're nice, but how do you comfortably and realistically read these ebooks? Just on your computer? We need a good, portable ebook reader and some format standardization before this will really take off.

Jeff C said...

I read them on the Sony Reader I bought 3 weeks ago. prior to that i had been reading more and more on my pda. I would highly recommend the Reader, though. There are some open source programs (libprs500 and Book Designer, ConverLIT) that will let you convert practically any format(html, txt, rtf, pdf, prc, lit, etc) to a Reader compatible file. That means you can buy from the Sony store, or a place like fictionwise. I need to get around to posting a quick review on my blog of me experience so far with the Reader...but I would recommend it (and this comes from a avid book collector). And you can try a hands on demo at any Borders. Sorry for the offtopic comment, Pat.

Anonymous said...

so the promo says these books are about what happens after episode 6 but what about the books that were written by timothy zhan awhile ago? Does this serie happen after that or is everything that was written since simply erased and they started over from scratch after episode 6?

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know about these...the link you gave also lists a free audiobook version, but the link on THAT page is broken.

The actual link to the audiobook is:


GunMetalBlue said...

@ Icarium: These books are actually about 25 years after Episode 6. Luke, Han and Leia are all in their 50's, and though they are involved, it's really their now adult children who are center stage. I liked this series of SW books up till about the 4th one (Exile), after that they were kind of dragging it all out. I will most certainly buy the final one in Hardcover though, as I want to know how it all ends.