Patrick Rothfuss contest winners!

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Daw Books, our five winners will each get their hands on Patrick Rothfuss fantasy debut and now New York Times Bestseller, The Name of the Wind (Canada, USA, Europe).

The winners are:

- Jeff Avery, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

- Stavros Nikolousou, from Corinth, Greece

- Bill Brooks, from Detroit, Michigan, USA

- François Marleau, Lyon, France

- William MacRae, from Manchester, England

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

10 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Enfin victorieux! Et pour un bon bouquin en plus!!!

Merci beaucoup à toi Pat. Continue ton bon travail!


Anonymous said...

Cheers Pat!

I finally won something! And getting Rothfuss's debut as a prize is even sweeter! Now I can see what the buzz is all about...

Anonymous said...

Yo Pat!

Thanks man! Keep up the good work!!!


Meljprincess said...

I'd like to congratulate the winners. And I'd like to know where I can enter contests in Canada, Greece, France and England.
I've seen contests for Canada and England but US entries were not allowed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the prick who always complains about where the winners are from (I assume it's always the same person) will find anything to bitch about this time around.

Seems like he or she is never satisfied, no matter where the winners are from. I live in the States and I haven't won shit yet!;)


Anonymous said...

You are the prick Gilbert.. Just look at the previous contest's winners.. 7 Americans, 2 Canadians, 1 European. I can bitch about this result.. Look at the one that you are bitching about... It's just numbers Gilbert, it's not difficult to see who has the right to complain. And i am not complaining, I am just answering to your stupid post..

Fanis from Greece

Anonymous said...

Fanis: Funny but there is a Greek winner in this bunch. If I remember correctly, Pat said that the winners are randomly selected. I'm not going to go back and look, but I recall people from South Africa, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and everywhere else in between. So it's not like only Americans win these things, you know.

I can understand that you want to win, dude. So do I. But bitching about where the winners come from won't help. Man, I'm in the USA and I'm still waiting for that first prize, you know.

No one should complain since Pat, as far as I know, doesn't rig these giveaways. He's cool enough to set up these things that I feel nobody should be whining, is all...

The winless Gilbert

Anonymous said...


You have to understand that USA is just one more country. I understand that it should have more winners than Greece let's say, but a percentage of 70-80% of the winners cannot be easily accepted. Not to mention that before these complaints begin, Canada and USA had 100% of the winners.

So, in my opinion it is not your job to come and critisize those complaining, you are in the side with the most chances to win, man!

As for me I can wait 100 years and maybe I will be the 2nd Greek winner!! ;-)

No complaining here, just critisizing your first post.


Anonymous said...

Check the archives and you'll see that far from 100% of the winners came from North America before you started complaining. Looks more like 50% or 60%, and that's understandable given the fact that Pat once said that more than 50% of his traffic came from Canada and the US.

The States might just be another country, but if they amount to about 1000 hits a day against the 4or 5 Greek hits, then it's obvious that American winners are more likely to creep up...

Anonymous said...


I don't have the time to check the contests one-by-one. If you did that and these are the numbers, I am wrong. But only empirically speaking, I don't think it is as you say.
And I haven't complained before, it wasn't me, I only stated in the previous contest that I did not remember a Greek winner. And on the next contest, here he is!!

Anyway it is not a big deal.
Pat I love you!! Really!!

It is just the words "prick" and "bitching" that my friend Gilbert used that annoyed me.
Maybe I am not so familiar with some english words and these two in particular didn't sound polite to me!!