The Farseer Graphic Adaptation

Yet another piece of Robin Hobb's forthcoming graphic adaptation of The Farseer, all in color, thanks to the folks at

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Unknown said...

Are there any plans for an English version?

ediFanoB said...

Robin mentioned the Farseer Graphic Adaptation in an interview she gave to
Robert Thomspon (aka the Fantasy Book Critic):

Q: Regarding comic books, there's actually a French graphic novel adaptation of the Farseer trilogy by Laurent Sieurac in development. As a comic book fan, I think this is pretty cool, so I was wondering if you could outline how this project first came about, what exactly the plan is regarding publication/distribution, how involved you are with the adaptation, and if there will be an English translation?

Robin: I was approached about doing a graphic adaptation and gave permission. As that is well outside my area of expertise, I have not been at all involved, though I've been very pleased with the bits I've seen of it so far. It looks as if it is coming together beautifully. As far as I know, there are no plans for an English adaptation.

The whole interview has been published here:

ediFanoB said...

Please aplogize,

this is the complete link:

Robin Hobb interview