Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman contest winner!

Our winner will receive a complete set of Weis and Hickman's The Deathgate Cycle, which is comprised of Dragon Wing, Elven Star, Fire Sea, Serpent Mage, The Hand of Chaos, Into the Labyrinth, and The Seventh Gate, courtesy of the folks at Bantam Dell.

The winner is:

Heath Fodor, from Jackson, Michigan, USA (heath_fodor on

Thanks to all the participants!

5 commentaires:

bottomie said...

o congrats to the winners

we are now soo close to the L.E. Modesitt, Jr winner, i think im going to faint:)

So exciting, check back later fantasy and science fiction people:)

Anonymous said...

I am too thrilled to have won this contest! These books sound really exciting. I am a big fan of Weis and Hickman's Dragonlance work.

Thanks Patrick!!!

bottomie said...

Yip Weis and Hickman's 4 part Dragonlance series is brilliant

after you read them Heath give us your take on the books you won!!!

hoot hoot

Anonymous said...

The Death Gate cycle features some of Weis and Hickman's best characters and Fiz..I mean, Zafbin is just brilliant.

E.D. Kain said...

I thought the Deathgate Cycle was incredible--one of the best fantasy series of my "formative" years, as was Dragonlance...