Subterranean Press Magazine

Like many frequenting these parts, I was aware that Subterranean Press published a quaterly magazine. What I didn't know up until a few days ago was the fact that there is an online version which is available for free.:-)

Click on this link, and you'll be taken to the Spring 2008 issue. In this latest edition, you will find short fiction by Ekaterina Sedia, Elizabeth Bear, Mike Resnick, and more. There is an interview with NYT bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon, a teleplay by Robert A. Heinlein, a piece by John Scalzi, and additional features.

All free of charge, which should please most of you!;-)

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Kendall said...

I knew of their print mag (confusingly, same style/masthead), having recently preordered #8 for Scalzi's "Questions for a Soldier."

I didn't know they had an online magazine as well, thanks!