Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection

The special editions of all three Indiana Jones movies were released today as a new DVD boxset (Canada, USA, Europe). At up to 46% off, I'm buying myself a set in order to get ready for the new flick!

Doctor Jones is back!

By the way, most of those SFF and "regular" tv show DVD boxsets which were heavily discounted a while back are still on the sale. Some can be had at up to 75% off, so have a look around!

3 commentaires:

Pedro Q. said...

Same price on, but play has free shipping in Europe...

Anonymous said...

FYI, from the reviews I read, if you bought the box set in 2003 (like me), you're not really getting anything new. I sugest reading the five star review that has a description of the "featurettes" before buying.

bottomie said...

cousin got the box set

we all huge fans

can't wait for the movie!!!

and Narnia movie is going to rock!!!1