Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser

While I reckon everyone agrees that donating the proceeds from my Amazon Associate Program to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is a very nice gesture, I've received a lot of emails from people who would rather donate money directly than buying stuff on Amazon.

As I said before, I'm a little uncomfortable doing this. And yet, since so many of you appear willing to support this worthy cause, here we go!:-) Hence, from now till January 31st 2009(I've decided to extend this thing for a bit), I will donate the Amazon proceeds as well as the amount generated by these Paypal donations to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

For those interested, you can make a donation by using either Paypal or any major credit cards. Remember that there is no such thing as a small donation. If you wish to help find a cure for breast cancer but can only afford to give a dollar, well that's great! Every penny counts!

Many thanks to those who have already participated by shopping via the Amazon links, and thanks in advance to everyone who will support the cause!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Pat, delighted to see you're doing so much for Cancer Research. As someone who worked in a cancer research centre for 5 years, I can say that every little bit really does help.

Even just the additional exposure created by a site such as yours can come as a gentle reminder to people that there is something they can do to help, both themselves and others. Awareness is still one of the major keys in battling cancer, as people don't like to think of their own mortality even to the point of ignoring check-ups etc.

And on a research basis, money donated to charities is a vital part of the operating budgets of many cancer research centres (certainly in Ireland). While the amounts raised by charities can seem small in comparison with government or academic grants, this money is often vital to greenlight pilot studies for new ideas.

Now i speak more from a research background, but when you are speaking about cancer care or support groups, even the smallest amounts of money can achieve a great deal. So every little bit really does help.

Thanks again Pat for taking the time and effort to actually do something about it.

Love the site,

Happy Holidays to you and yours,



Anonymous said...

I can't do much because I work in the auto industry but like I've said before I'll do whatever I can to help!