Musical Interlude

Do you remember one of the first iPhone commercials?

They obviously had a pretty limited budget to shoot this clip. . .

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Anonymous said...

This is a brazilian indie band.

A guy called Nick Haley saw this video on youtube and made an ipod touch video with footage from other ipod comercials.

Some people from apple saw the comercial decided to us it. They sent it to their production agency and they redid it and aired.

Here is the original:

and the redone one:

cool eh?

Anonymous said...

@ Rodric - If you're going to say this is a Brazilian indie band, you should at least tell people their name.
Which is CSS (their debut album was called Cansei de Ser Sexy, Portuguese for “Tired of Being Sexy”. They've a new album too called "Donkey".

The comparitive youtube posts are cool to see though.