BUSTED FLUSH contest winners!

Thanks to the cool folks at Tor Books, our winners will each receive an Advance Reading Copy of George R. R. Martin and friends' Busted Flush signed by all the contributors, as well as a signed poster of Michael Komarck's nice cover art! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

By the way, the book is now available in stores and online!:-)

The winners are:

- Erika Griffith, from Dexter, Michigan, USA (Phadedsky on SomethingAwful.com and Dragonmount.com)

- Alyssa Schluter, from San Diego, CAalifornia, USA (alsy on asoiaf.westeros.org)

Many thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you so much Pat!

- Erika

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited now! Thanks!

- Alyssa