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Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves.

- TOURISM AUSTRALIA, new publicity campaign

This is probably my favorite commercial at the moment. You gotta love the Aussies. Not only are they the coolest people on the face of the globe, but as a society they are the only ones in the Western World, or so it seems, who understand this most important truth: The greatest of life's secrets is to live it.

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Anonymous said...

Since australia is on the other side of the world from....everyone, they are good at creating illusions. For example, australia gives off the image of being a fit nation, yet they are the fattest in the world. They may talk about living life, but they put in the most hours at work.

Good commercial, though

Anonymous said...

Well I've never seen a commercial that actually brought tears to my eyes!

As far as the previous comment by Anon: just where do you get your statistics? "fattest in the world"?? "most hours at work"??
Really, I'd like to see the stats, because I don't believe you.

Okie said...

very cool. thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

To anonymous, who doesn't believe...Australia is indeed one of the fattest countries in the world, although, there is some debate over whether they are number 1.

Just do a google search for "Australia fattest country", and you'll become a believer.

And yes, it's a great ad.

Anonymous said...

its playing off that movie about australia, whats it called, i dunno, has a young abbo kid in it too

yeah i just said abbo and anyone who is aware of the term and isn;t disgusted should get off the internet and into a coffin, TIA

Anonymous said...

Ah.... how happy if I could there. Poor me.

Anonymous said...

Link to world's fattest countries (Australia weighs in at No. 21)


MatsVS said...

I lived in Australia for a few months, and I can't say I noticed much fatness in particullar. Then again, I mostly spent my time along the south-eastern coast, from Melbourne to Brisbane, so I'm hardly an authority on the subject. Still, all statistics should be taken with a healthy grain of salt.

And yes, a nice commercial. The Australian outback really should be experienced. Even me, a grande arachnophobe, took great pleasure in it. It really was massively different from the mountainous landscapes of Norway. Obviously.

ediFanoB said...

It's a good ad. But it's still an ad and no description of society problems.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all advertise tourism by highlighting society's problems! You should take a marketing class.

Jebus said...

Er, being an Australian living in Melbourne I can kinda set the record straight - those ads are a bit of a national joke over here. Baz Luhrman is a bit of a toss pot who has made one or two good movies but with "Australia" lost his touch a little. Also the actors in the ad are Australians putting on a US accent.

And yes, we are a land of fatties especially in the cities, but again there are plenty of thin and fit people as well. We are also a nation of racist bastards, drunkards who brawl and riot, and are generally pretty uncouth - come to Melbourne and go out into the city on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll be offered or asked for drugs, abused, maybe bashed, see plenty of drunken violence and skanky chicks in bugger all clothing. If you do come to visit, steer clear of the cities and go see some of the pretty countryside (Tasmania is especially beautiful).

Aboriginies here have a very short life span compared to the rest of the population with alcoholism, chroming, petrol sniffing, disease and sexual abuse rampant in many Aboriginal communities. We're currently in a decade long drought (you may have heard of some recent fires) although Queensland is regularly being flooded at the same time the rest of the nation is burning. Many of us are very anti-American in recent years despite the fact that we are probably half "Americanised" anyway and every American I've ever met has been perfectly cool. Russel Crowe is from New Zealand, not Australia so we refuse to apologise for releasing him on the rest of the world. We eat our national emblems/animals except koalas - they taste awful - but kangaroos, emus and crocodile all taste pretty good (best part on a 'roo is its tail). We idolise and immortalise our criminals in movies and television (Chopper, Underbelly) and can't get enough of the gangland killings on the news.

Go anywhere in the world and a drunk Aussie will have been there just before you probably ruining things - we're good at that. We're a backwater nation always asking international visitors "so what do you like best about Australia?" because we have such a low self-esteem issue as a nation as a whole however we do think we're the greatest nation on Earth and make fun of all others. We accept and welcome immigrants from every corner of the Earth but then harass and harangue them for their cultural and racial "eccentricities" when they get here and expect them to speak English and be aware of all the weird shit that makes up our culture.

We're fiercely loyal to a fault but are more than happy to take the piss out of each other until punches are thrown. 90% of us are alcoholics, we invented the greatest sport in the world requiring the most versatile athletes in the world (Aussie Rules). Sport is only thing that matters and we revere sportspeople when they are winning and revile them when they're not - we're very fickle like that.

Despite all that we're pretty frickin' awesome so come on over and say G'Day, just try not to do it in our accent or we'll just laugh at you.