Upcoming excerpts

Many of you have commented on the fact that there's been a number of exclusive excerpts lately. Since nearly everyone who contacted me wanted to know what I had on tap, here's the list of what excerpts I should be posting between now and June.

- A Magic of Nightfall by S. L. Farrell (Canada, USA, Europe)

- Fire Raiser by Melanie Rawn (Canada, USA, Europe)

- Fall of Thanes by Brian Ruckley (Canada, USA, Europe)

- Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey (Canada, USA, Europe)

- The Eternal Prison by Jeff Somers (Canada, USA, Europe)

- The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham (Canada, USA, Europe)

These two looks like we're good, but I'm still waiting for the confirmations:

- The City & the City by China Miéville (Canada, USA, Europe)

- Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie (Canada, USA, Europe)

There is ongoing talk for more excerpts, so you might see more sample chapters posted on the Hotlist in the near future. . .:-)

7 commentaires:

Unknown said...

Didn't you already link to the whole first chapter of Best Served Cold? Anyway, here's the link:

Zachary said...

Hi! First time commenter here. I think the book by Carey is actually called "Santa Olivia." There are so many exciting titles here... I can't wait to read Mieville's new book!!!

Unknown said...

I bungled that link. Here we go:

Patrick said...

Colinhead: Yes, I did. I was the first to be notified when the sample chapter was posted so I could spread the word around.

Zach: Oops! Brain fart. . .

Patrick said...

Just got word that an exclusive BEST SERVED COLD excerpt is a "go!"

ediFanoB said...

I read the BEST SERVED COLD and to be honest that's good stuff! Look forward to the other excerpts

Aidan Moher said...


I know I'm a little late on this, but I have a suggestion for the excerpts. It's a huge pain (for those of us that don't care about the excerpts) to have to scroll down past all of them to get to your other content.

Would you be willing to add a 'Read More' button a quarter of the way through the clean up your blog a bit?