Steven Erikson's DUST OF DREAMS prologue

It's nice to return from work and realize that something special just made your day!

You can now read the prologue of Steven Erikson's Dust of Dreams (Canada, Europe) here.

I'm a bit pissed because I don't have time to read it now, but I'll do it as soon as I get back home tonight!


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Unknown said...

So excited for this book, but I wont be reading that.

Adam Whitehead said...

It's been an exciting big news day.

There's also been some news on A MEMORY OF LIGHT likely to cause the entire fanbase to explode (three books, not two, apparently):

Plus the cover for AMOL Volume I: THE GATHERING STORM (no, I'm not making that up):

And yes, that is the worst cover to date.

And finally, bringing it back to Erikson, the DUST OF DREAMS cover can be seen here:


MatsVS said...

Haha, I hadn't even registered that two instalments were planned. But now 3? Good grief... "The Wheel of Time": the merry-go-round that won't stop spinning, even though all the children riding it are now bawling their eyes out.

That Erikson cover looks schweeeet, though, so cheers for sharing!

Abalieno said...

On Westeros I already ranted on Erikson's cover. Generic and unappealing. Give me Komarck or Swanland.

Then I noticed that link about Jordan. Split in three and with one of the most hideous cover in history.

Things could go worse.

Anonymous said...

I like this Erickson cover; it has an appropriately dream-like quality to it.

Jebus said...

I like the Erikson cover as well, it is in keeping with the new theme of the re-released paperbacks and HC versions since Reaper's Gale. Of course this is the UK version, no doubt the US will be as crappy as ever.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Awesome prologue!

I think this has to be the most drool enducing prologue of the Malazan series to date. Can't wait for Dust of Dreams to come out :D

But on the other hand . . . what a crappy cover :(

Anonymous said...

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