NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 11)

Washington Redskins: 6
Dallas Cowboys: 7

Atlanta Falcons: 31
New York Giants: 34

Christ, I thought the G-Men would lose again when the game went to overtime. And the Cowboys were atrocious against the Redskins. Thank God they were able to come out on top. But with the Eagles beating the Bears, things are getting crowded at the top of the NFC East.

Regarding the CFL, yes the Montréal Alouettes are going to play in the Grey Cup game. Why aren't I excited? Well, this is the seventh time in the last ten years that MTL reaches the big game. And we only have a single championship to show for it. I mean, the Alouettes are even worse than the Buffalo Bills in terms of losing the big one. . .:/

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least the Patriots trounced those lousy Jets. C'mon, Pat, be different - be unique. Don't be a Hatriot, everyone's doing that. Join the Patriot side of the force. It is your destiny.