NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 12)

Oakland Raiders: 7
Dallas Cowboys: 24

New York Giants: 6
Denver Broncos: 26

The Cowboys are now 8-3, two games ahead of the G-Men. But Dallas is playing some tough teams down the stretch, so victory is far from assured. . .

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you'll finally get to be murdered horribly in ADwD! :D

John said...

Do you know who am I? And do you want more interesting?
Here is a hot news:
The Philadelphia Eagles named quarterback Michael Vick their recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, the team announced Wednesday.
The award is given annually by each NFL team and is decided through a vote of players.
It is awarded to the player who best exemplifies sportsmanship and courage.
Vick and the award recipients for the other NFL Draft teams are scheduled to be honored at a banquet in the Baltimore area in March.
Have a good time!