Sony Online Entertainment contest winners!

Thanks to the cool folks at Sony Online Entertainment, our winners will get their hands on a free 6-month subscription to Station Access! Station Access is the all-access pass to Sony Online Entertainment’s game portfolio. This giveaway grants game software including expansion packs and 6 months of subscription time to the critically acclaimed EverQuest®, Pirates of the Burning Sea™, PlanetSide®, EverQuest® II, Free Realms™, Star Wars Galaxies™ and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes™.

The winners are:

- Carrie Beduhn, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

- Natalia Shabaltas, from Ithaca, New York, USA

- Drew Shiel, from Maynooth, Ireland

- Tadej Markus, from Volicina, Slovenia

- Gabriel Torres, from Bloomington, Indiana, USA

- Matt Moreland, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

- Hrvoje Kruljac, from Slavonski Brod, Croatia

- Scott Pedersen, Melbourne, Australia

- Daniele Colletti, from Rome, Italy

- Ralph Armbrust, from Gustavsburg, Germany

- Mark Rooney, from Dalgety Bay, UK (Distantlurker on Star Wars Galaxies forums)

- Henri Rautanen, from Helsinki, Finland

- Julio César Espada Rodriguez, from Madrid, Spain (Jhotun on EverQuest II forums)

- Stacy Banks, from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, USA (Annie_MxO on EverQuest II forums)

- Frank A. Dupree, from Aberdeen, Maryland, USA Ten96 on Star Wars Galaxies forums)

- Linda F. Blair, from Rolla, Missouri, USA

- Nuno Cordeiro, from Pernes, Portugal

- Judy Hornaday, from Buford, Georgia, USA (Ehope on Star Wars Galaxies forums)

- Christian Roubal, from Vienna, Austria (Maulibaer on Star Wars Galaxies forums)

- Martin Savard, from Nakatsugawa-shi, Japan

Many thanks to all the participants!;-)

2 commentaires:

Hey Judy Arts said...

Yay! Thank you. I have wanted to try more SOE games but shh...don't tell 'cause I'm already labeled as addicted. *rolleyes*

Judy Hornaday - Star Wars Mom from the FOX reality TV show, "Trading Spouses."

BigT said...

Gratz to all the winners. Only if I couldve won