New George R. R. Martin podcasts

While you await the eagerly anticipated A Dance With Dragons (Canada, USA, Europe), there are two new podcasts featuring George R. R. Martin you can listen to. =)

The first one is at The Bear Swarm!

The other is at Television Zombies.


5 commentaires:

Daniel said...

Is there any way of putting either of these podcasts on iTunes?

machinery said...

what's he got to talk about ?
new figurines ?
a new calender ?
maybe another convention he will attend in melburne ?
if he doesn't give a date for adwd then what will people be eager to hear ?

Anonymous said...

well, he might be able to explain what's taking so long.

machinery, you're a troll.

everyone take a chill-pill

Anonymous said...

Gee, where does he find the time?

machinery said...

juhan, fine, i'm a troll.
you a drone.
of martin.
a little wimp who dares not raise a question.
criticism ?
little fan boy .