New Ian Cameron Esslemont Q&A

There is a lengthy Q&A with Malazan co-creator Ian Cameron Esslemont, author of Stonewielder (Canada, USA, Europe), at

Questions were submitted by Malazan fans, and Esslemont covers a lot of ground with his answers. We find out that the manuscript for the Darujhistan novel is done and will be titled Orb Sceptre, Throne.

Here's an excerpt:

As you know, most of the full arc of our first set of books in the world was worked out together. So, the big picture was set out and known to both of us. It’s in those small details that the terrifying differences and new inventions lay. Those have been my greatest heart-stopping moments. As an example, one of the the biggest problems we had to date was in the conquering of Li Heng. Steve and I remembered it differently. And so, while I was working on Return, Steve let drop a memory from one of his characters regarding the fall of Li Heng—which was completely different from how I’d just portrayed it in Return! The emails flew then, I tell you. Anyway, we managed to square it away. That was one of our most significant close calls out of what actually has been very few—given just how disastrously things might have spun out of control.

Follow this link to read the full Q&A!

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