Subterranean Press accepting pre-orders for the limited edition of Steven Erikson's DEADHOUSE GATES

This from the Subpress website:

This book has been in the works for years. We had the interior designed and proofread in late 2008, and are pleased to announce that J. K. Drummond has taken the art reins from Michael Komarck, whose schedule didn’t allow him to continue with the series. Steven Erikson has termed Jae’s preliminary work on the second volume in the series, Deadhouse Gates, to be “terrific”, and we couldn’t agree more.


Please note that only those who own a copy of Gardens of the Moon may order Deadhouse Gates at this time. Those who own a numbered or lettered copy of Gardens of the Moon have the right of first refusal on other titles in the series, meaning you can build a matched set of numbers.

Those who have purchased their copy of the limited edition of Gardens of the Moon can pre-order their copy of Deadhouse Gates here.

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Happy: We can order, oh yes !

Not happy: "If you do not own a copy of Gardens of the Moon, please do not order at this time. (Your order will be discarded.) We will announce when copies are available for ordering by the general public."

I would have to resolve the problem to pay for it because i live in France, but it's the kind of book that makes it worth doing it overseas...
I discovered Steven Erikson thanks your blog Pat !. But too bad I jumped the bandwagon too late to possess the limited edition of "gardens of the moon".


Jebus said...

Yup just read the email. Now need to sort out $150 while also trying to save to move, doh!

I hope it doesn't take this long between all the other books.

C.B. said...

...quickly places order...

Yay! Weee! Clapclap!

A late Christmas surprise indeed.