The Pat's Fantasy Hotlist World Tour hits the road again!

Tomorrow night, I'll be boarding the Airbus A380, the largest commercial airplane in the world, as I fly to Bucharest, Romania, via Paris on Air France. I'll be spending the following month traveling around Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Belgrade, in Serbia, to cap this newest Eastern European adventure with style with a couple of nights of partying!

As always, it's nice to meet SFF fans from around the world. So if I do indeed stop in or close to your town or city, feel free to send me a message via the giveaway email and we'll see if we can meet for drinks or something. Though itineraries are bound to change when you backpack, here's what my plans are. So feel free to email me and we'll see if we can swing it!


- Bucharest (June 3rd to June 5th)
- Brasov and Sinaia (June 6th to June 8th)
- Sighisoara (June 9th and 10th)
- Sibiu (June 11th and 12th)
- Bucharest (June 13th)


- Ruse (June 14th and 15th)
- Varna (June 16th and 17th)
- Veliko Tarnovo (June 18th and 19th)
- Plovdiv (June 20th and 21st)
- Sofia (June 22nd to 24th)


- Skopje (June 25th and 26th)
- Ohrid (June 27th and 28th)
- Skopje (June 29th)


- Belgrade (June 30th and July 1st)

See you there! =)

7 commentaires:

Yona said...

have fun. always carry garlic with you.

Todd said...

I'll echo my previous thoughts everytime you announce a new world tour.

You suck, I'm jealous, have fun!!!

Jakob said...

I'm going to Romania in august, let us know what cool things I should see.

Mark Boss said...

Yeah, I just finished F. Paul Wilson's THE KEEP last night. Scary stuff in Romania, dude. I'd keep garlic and a cross handy. Maybe a wooden tent peg. A sharp wooden tent peg.

Anonymous said...

What books you bringing with you this time?

Jebus said...

Hey Pat, I'm planning a trip sometime in the next year or so, as an experienced traveler I'd be interested to know what packing techniques you use. I'm researching traveling as light as possible (like a mid sized back pack under 15kgs) and it seems quite possible, you just have to be smart about what you take.

I'd love to go to Romania - I've seen a few Romanian movies and the country looks absolutely stunning.

Anyway, have fun!

Martin S said...

Nice. Romania is a nice enough country. Especially in Wallachia and Transylvania.

Beware of the packs of wild dogs in downtown Bucharest.