Yeah, yeah, I have it. . .

Okay, so quite a lot of you have been asking me whether or not I received a galley for George R. R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons (Canada, USA, Europe) .

The answer is yes. Trouble is, it's waiting for me at home while I'm traveling around the Balkans. . .

So yes, I do have it. And if not for this latest Eastern European adventure, I would already have read it. Don't know if I would have been allowed to post my review, for I had to accept a non-disclosure agreement in order to get my hands on an early read.

Guess what I'll be reading when I return home this weekend!?!

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Justin said...

So.... it's just sitting on your doorstep then? Where anyone might happen across it? haha

Richard Raley said...

Justin...had the same exact thought. "You mean it's all alone and unguarded? Without mutant seabass with laser beams and guard dogs and dropping cages?"

RaveAir said...

I eager to wait what kind of killing method GRR Martin used against you. :)

Shadow said...

"Guess what I'll be reading when I return home this weekend!?!"

I hate you!

Elfy said...

Sigh. Even if I had it, I'd still have to wait until I finish the reread of AFfC. Less than 2 weeks now and we'll all know.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to hear what you think of it Pat. you gave honest and fair reviews of all of Georges previous song books.. i just hope it was worth the wait and better than Feast.

machinery said...

i don't understand the excitement.
i have had the 4th book in my home for 5 years and haven't touched it.
why ?
cause number 5 didn't even get published.
believe it or no, after this long, i don't relay care about whether or not i read the sequels.
i just don't care.
although i guess i'l find the time to read them.
this is what g.r.r.martin deserves.
and i think others will react this way too.

ito said...

Your visa bill is what you'll be reading first, then to forget about it you'll have to dive face first into a world where the dire/stray wolves of Westeros will finish sir Patrick since the rabies vaccine has not been invented yet. Did I guess right?

Oh, and Kellhus and Inrilatas could easily take on all of R.R. Martin's girly heroes riding on 20 dragons. Even so, I'll gladly read your review of A Tango With Reptiles so don't spend too much time on that bill.

Happy trails!

Andystoteles said...

"this is what g.r.r.martin deserves.
and i think others will react this way too."

Oh, he must be crying himself to sleep then... Who wouldn´t want your "excitement"?