Wicked Exhibition in Bucharest

On my last night in Bucharest, Romania, my Couchsurfing friend Alina took me to the Wicked exhibition. And if you are into art, you might want to check it out! I believe it's running till June 25th, so go have a look if you are in the area!

The exhibition has its own blog, which you can access here.

Three talented artists, Otilia Cadar, Adela Edu, and Nona Şerbănescu teamed up for this particular project. They borrowed an old house on Transylvania street, and a lot of work was put into creating the perfect setting for this special exhibition. The colors, the lighting, the music, and all the arrangements produce a very moody and sometimes melancholic environment that bring the different artworks to life. To learn more about the three artists, simply Google translate this page.

The basement of the house is devoted to Adela Edu's works. A bit morbid at times, her self-portraits and the extremely personal vibe you get out of her work leaves quite an impression on you. And the fact that it's set in a creepy basement works wonders with the overall effect. Sadly, she is still working on her blog/website, so I don't have a link to share with you.

The ground floor is devoted to Nona Şerbănescu's projects. When I asked her if there was any themes to her artworks, she replied that there weren't specific themes per se that she wanted to explore. But she does play with certain elements and broader thematics to create her pieces. You can visit her website here.

And the top floor is devoted to Otilia Cadar's "beauties." Rich in contrasts, these paintings depicting beautiful women with an underlying animal theme are quite striking. I especially loved the details and the contrasts created by the dark and vibrant colors. You can also visit her website here.

Anyway, I'm no art critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I've been in enough museums and galleries to know (one can only hope) what's good and what's not. So I have no choice but to pimp this project and the artists behind it! =) Not 100% sure about this, but I believe the exhibition is free of charge. In any event, for any questions there is a contact section on the Wicked blog. Just click on the aforementioned link.

And before I go, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Alina for taking me there, and for Otilia, Adela, and Nona for closing up late just so I could wander around the house and appreciate their works of art. Wasting four hours going to two different hospitals to get my anti-rabies injection sort of screwed up my schedule that day, especially since I had woken up at 5:45 AM to catch the first train out of Sibiu.

Anyway, I told them I'd give them a signal boost on the Hotlist. So if you are in Bucharest at some point until June 25th, do check out the Wicked exhibition! You won't be disappointed! ;-)

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Timmer Vogu said...

I wish I could visit this exhibition. Thank you for bringing this to my attention:-)

Nona said...

Thanks so much for your post!