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People lived and people died, and the lives of people were precious; their time to create and exist, live and love, was also precious. The song said, keep trying, keep living in the fullness of life, keep growing and creating, because no one here gets out alive. It was not a cry of fear; it was a declaration. You are here today, said the song. One tomorrow you will not be.

The song asked: Between those days, what will you do? Who will you become?

- ROBERT McCAMMON, The Five (Canada, USA, Europe, and Subpress)

Just finished this book on the bus to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, today.

Awesome! =)

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ScriboErgoSum said...

Reading it now, and it's excellent as expected for McCammon.

Pat, have you read McCammon's Matthew Corbett novels (Speaks the Nightbird, Queen of Bedlam, Mister Slaughter)? The fourth book, The Providence Rider, is my most anticipated novel of 2012.