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This from Tobias S. Buckell:

One of the most frequent questions I get is this: 'When will you write a sequel to Crystal Rain/Ragamuffin/Sly Mongoose?' The truth is, I have most of the outline for the fourth book already written, as well as a chunk of the opening already done. And I think it would be great to see it fully written.

Using Kickstarter, it seems to me that we can put together a very cool project. One where I can present readers of this existing series with a sequel, while allowing everyone to basically pre-order the novel. If enough people commit to backing it, readers will get an awesome eBook (I create eBooks for freelance income on the side), or a great hardcover (with the help of a great designer), with even cooler rewards for those who want to read the book as it is being written or who want to leave their mark on the Xenowealth universe.

The Xenowealth novels have always been fairly unique with their diaspora characters in the future, bringing a range of diversity to straight up adventure novels, with bits and pieces of Caribbean inspiration folded in for good measure. Allowing readers to pre-purchase the next Xenowealth adventure is an exciting prospect, and I hope that many of the dedicated readers of the first three books are as as excited as I am about a chance to come back to these worlds and characters.

If we can raise $10,000, upon completion of the novel (I will start writing it January 1st at the latest, and will finish in June), backers receive their rewards (those backing the project for above $250 get to read along live, however) once the book is finished and turned into an eBook and limited edition hardcover

Follow this link to learn more about this project.

If you enjoyed Crystal Rain (Canada, USA, Europe), Ragamuffin (Canada, USA, Europe), and Sly Mongoose (Canada, USA, Europe), and you want to know how it all ends, then you know what to do!

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Xenophon said...

If you write it, they will fund...

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is this just a ploy to "raise" money?

Anonymous said...

Ploy to raise money? I guess it could be. Should he work for free? I take it as a new century way to publish :-)