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63) In order to prevent the mistakes of the old country being repeated on New Suffolk, members of extremist political parties and undesirable organizations are banned from passing through the wormhole, as well as criminals and others I deem injurious to the public good.

Examples of prohibited groups and professions include (but are not limited to) the following:

a) Labour Party.
b) Conservative Party.
c) Liberal Democrat Party.
d) Communist Party.
e) British Nationalist Party.
f) Socialist Alliance.
g) Tabloid journalists.
h) European Union bureaucrats.
i) Trade union officials.
j) Corporate lawyers.
k) Political lobbyists.
l) Traffic wardens.


n) Local Authority Executives.
o) All quango members.
p) Stockbrokers.
q) Weapons designers and manufacturers.
r) Arts Council executives.
s) Pension funds managers.
t) Cast and production staff of all TV soaps.
u) All sex crime offenders.
v) Child behavioural experts.
w) Call center owners and managers.

- PETER F. HAMILTON, in "Footvote" collected in Manhattan in Reverse (Canada, USA, Europe)

2 commentaires:

loki said...

should be all violent offenders - doesn't make sense in the schema otherwise - was a little disappointed, why is everyone so obsessed with sex crimes (rhetorical) - I miss the old Peter - edenists rule

Stephen J. said...

Ah, yes. The tragedy of all New Eden stories: It doesn't matter who you exclude. The very act of exclusion guarantees the Eden's destruction, because it means you're bringing your pride into Eden with you.