Our five winners will get their hands on a copy of the trade edition of Speculative Horizons, an anthology compiled and edited by Yours Truly!

I'm quite proud of the fact that Speculative Horizons has garnered a lot of positive reviews since it was released last fall. We even received a starred review from Publishers Weekly:

This impressive anthology proves that good things come in small packages. . . The thoughts provoked by these stories will linger long after the reading is over, as will the book’s real-world effects: a portion of the profits will be donated to fund research into a cure for breast cancer.

So if you want to help raise funds for cancer research, or if you are just curious and wish to give the anthology a shot, it's available via the Subterranean Press website. Otherwise, if you want to get it at a discount, it's also available on various Amazon sites: Canada, USA, Europe. More than 90% of the stock has been sold, so you might want to grab a copy before the anthology is sold out.

You can also read an extract from C. S. Friedman's short story here, and one from Hal Duncan's short story here.

The winners are:

- Jon Suggs, from Tucker, Georgia, USA

- Jacob Abadi, from Brooklyn, New York, USA

- James Schier, from Meeting Creek, Alberta, Canada

- Marco Longobardo, from Messina, Italy

- Jonathan Massaquoi, from Washington, DC, USA

Many thanks to all the participants!

6 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an e-book edition?

Patrick said...

I would love to!

We're looking into it, to see if it's within the realm of possibilities...

Todd said...

Congrats all! Any future anthologies in the works Pat?

neodragzero said...

Hi, I just received a copy. Thank you so much!

Gibush said...

I just saw that I won! Awesome! I shall eagerly await it in the mail. Thank you very much for the generous contests. Congratulations to everyone else who won.

I've never read any of these authors, but I've wanted to read C.S. Friedman for some time, so this is cool.

Jacob said...

Just got my copy! Thank you so much!