Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light--the final book in The Wheel of Time--has been finished.

This was posted on Brandon Sanderson's Twitter account earlier today. It was later confirmed on Tor.com.

So the fall 2012 release date appears to be on target!

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Anonymous said...

WoT isn't my favorite (or 10th favorite) series, but it still has a special place in my heart that's a little different than what I feel about any other series. At times frustrating, embarrassing, dissapointing, and even dull, the wheel alwas seemed to spin around to one of those 100 page action packed endings that RJ (and now sanderson) wrote so well. And now it's almost over.

The only thing that might match the nostalgia and excitement this anouncement makes me feel would be the final book in ASOIAF, but even that might not be the same.

Unknown said...

Well, I guess there really IS a Santa Claus!

Seriously, this is great news. I think Sanderson has done a great job with the material, creating an almost seamless transition from Jordan's work. I'm really excited to finally see how it all comes together, and the fact the Jordan had the presence of mind to write the final scene before he died is just amazing.

Thank you, Brandon, for taking up the challenge!

Jason said...

I am revisiting WoT for the first time since the 10th novel came out. This makes me happy. Now I can re-read the entire series and will be ready for A Memory of Light when it is published.