Win a copy of the Girls of Geek 2012 Calendar

Thanks to the folks at, I have a copy of their 2012 calendar up for grabs! Here's what they have to say about it:

Girls of Geek is a yearly calendar focused on beautiful geeky women showing what being a geek is really about! The calendar showcases all things geeky from video games, mobile devices, computers, gaming, comic books, and everything geeky in-between!

A portion of all sales will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The lovely model on the photo above is Squeak. I haven't read comics in years (other than Neil Gaiman's Sandman), but maybe she could give a little crash course on the subject. Don't quite know why, but all of a sudden I feel like reading a few X-Men comic books! ;-)

Here's her bio:

Interests: Comic books, astronomy, physics, Magic: The Gathering, writing, currency tracking (, the Society for Creative Anachronism, RPG games, Quidditch, theatre (, Cosplay, fan fiction, actuaries, and aerial dance.

Hobbies: I love astronomy and physics. I currently am a member of a local astronomy club and I have a 5″ refractor telescope that I try to go viewing with as often as possible. I like deep space objects the best so don’t bother asking me how Saturn is doing or, god forbid, the moon. Historical research and reenactment is another hobby of mine. I am deeply fascinated with 10th-16th century textiles and culture of Southern India. I have traveled all around the country and to London’s V&A to study the extant pieces of textiles and jewelry from that time period and region. I have taught classes on the subject and hope to one day publish my documentation. For a nerd I’m also quite athletic! I am co-captain of the Delaware Valley Dragons Quidditch team and I play as a Chaser. I also enjoy many forms of circus and aerial dance; everything from pole, to lyra, to silks, and more. Then of course, there is my comic book collection. I bought my first X-Men comic in September of 1993 and I haven’t stopped yet! I now collect dozens of titles each month and I have them organized in magazine holders set onto a very large shelving unit in my finished basement. I don’t have an accurate count but I imagine that my comics number into the thousands by now.

Turn-ons: Alan Rickman, glasses, Alan Rickman wearing glasses, facial hair, Alan Rickman with facial hair, world domination monologues, Alan Rickman delivering a world domination monologue, and…errr…did I mention I like Alan Rickman?

Turn-offs: People who only know how to communicate via text messaging or social networking sites (what’s wrong with having a real conversation?)…and poor grammar.

Geekiest thing I have ever done: Wow, this is a tough one; partly because who is to say what is most “geeky”? I know LARPers who refuse to join my Quidditch team because they think it “uncool” and I know SCAdians who think LARPing is silly. It is difficult to decipher who or what activity reigns supreme on the tier of geek-dom. I suppose I shall have to go with one of my more recent geeky doings. I had downloaded a bunch of game soundtracks to my iPod (Baldur’s Gate, Morrowind, Diablo 2, and the like) so that I could have it playing in the background during one of my monthly Magic: The Gathering parties. (That would have earned me quite the ass-kicking back in High School.)

Follow this link to meet all the models appearing in the 2012 calendar.

The rules are the same as usual. You need to send an email at reviews@(no-spam) with the header "GEEKS ARE SEXY." Remember to remove the "no spam" thingy.

Second, your email must contain your full mailing address (that's snail mail!), otherwise your message will be deleted.

Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. And please include your screen name and the message boards that you frequent using it, if you do hang out on a particular MB.

Good luck to all the participants!

Since my mother is a breast cancer survivor, you know important this worthy cause is to me. Which is why I compiled and edited the Speculative Horizons anthology that was released last year by Subterranean Press.

But this is even better! Twelve gorgeous and sexy geeks to brighten up your year; one every month! Forget the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar and go for the Girls of Geek 2012 calendar!

So come on! What are you waiting for!?! You can order your copy here.

3 commentaires:

JRQ said...

So here's the question: Yes, the Girls of Geek are geeky and beautiful...but do they also date geeks?

Anonymous said...

Good cause, but dreadlocks really aren't that appealing imo. Unless of course you're cosplaying a wildling. :P

FN_Pryde said...

I'm Pryde, the sci-fi loving TV addict with an addiction to comics and video games. Not only do I date geeks, I only go for geeks. It's great finding a guy that FINALLY has my interests and gets why I wanna dress up as X-23 at a gaming convention. xoxo