Del Rey/Bantam Spectra contest winner!

Thanks to the cool folks at Del Rey and Bantam Spectra, our winner will receive a number of books! The prize pack includes:

- George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 4-book boxed set
- Drew Karpyshyn's Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan
- Terry Brooks' The High Druid of Shannara trilogy
- China Miéville's Embassytown
- William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine (20th Anniversary Edition)

The winner is:

- Nathanial Barnhart, from Mead, Colorado, USA (SkynJay on

Many thanks to all the participants! ;-)

2 commentaires:

Spaz said...

What an amazing prize pack. Congrats!

Nathan (@reviewbarn) said...

I friggin love you Pat! No more bugging my friend for his ASOIAF books when I wanna reread.