Following in the wake of Crossover (Canada, USA, Europe) and Breakaway (Canada, USA, Europe), Joel Shepherd's last volume in the Cassandra Kresnov series, Killswitch, is yet another intelligent, action-packed and kick-ass scifi thriller!

Two years have elapsed since President Neiland's plot to make the Callayan capital city of Tanusha the heart of the "new" Federation. But all is not well within the Federation, and a faction of influential Fleet captains loyal to Earth have surrounded the planet and are threatening to create a blockade that would crush Callay's economy. Thus, it's up to the newly created Callayan Defense Force and Commander Cassandra Kresnov to find a way to oppose those warships.

As was the case with its two predecessors, Killswitch unfolds on the world of Callay, in the sprawling futuristic and exotic capital of Tanusha. Once again, the multiethnic cast of characters is a welcome change from the habitual scifi trope.

The characterization is probably my favorite aspect of this trilogy. Cassandra's moral awakening has been a fascinating facet to follow thus far, and I like how the author raises a number of philosophical issues through her character. Those moments are interwoven almost seamlessly into the plotlines, which is no small feat. However, as good as the characterizations have been up until this point, I was a little disappointed by the fact that there wasn't much character growth regarding the relationship between Cassandra and Ari. This particular storyline had a lot of potential by the end of Breakaway, yet it plays a minor role in this last installment.

Even more so than in the previous volumes, the political intrigue serving as the backdrop in Killswitch means that we have yet another intricate and well-crafted plot. Fast-paced, this one reads like a good thriller. As he did in the past, Shepherd imbues the darker moments of this book with an appropriate amount of humor, thus creating a nice balance.

A remarkable blend of political thriller and thrilling science fiction adventure, Killswitch is an exciting closing chapter to a terrific series. Shepherd brings the story to a satisfying ending, though the door is left open for possible sequels.

Readers who relish strong female characters, complex storylines, and incredible action and battle scenes should give this trilogy a shot. Chances are they won't be disappointed!

Highly recommended. Killswitch is another great read bearing the Pyr logo.

The final verdict: 7.75/10

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Yep, can't wait to finish this trilogy :D