Carlos Ruiz Zafon's THE SHADOW OF THE WIND

As you know, I gave Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind (Canada, USA, Europe) a perfect score a few weeks back. If you haven't read this novel yet, I encourage you to rectify the situation and give it a shot ASAP. Indeed, it's the perfect book to bring on vacation!

My parents picked up my mail while I was traipsing around Poland, Finland, and the Baltic States, and, as expected, I had quite a few packages awaiting my return. To my surprise, one of them contained an ARC of the Subterranean Press limited edition of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's international bestseller.

All I can say is that this looks like it's going to be a beautiful edition. Fans of the authors and collectors should consider getting this one. As for me, well I'm keeping the ARC, thank you very much!

For more info about this limited edition: Canada, USA, Europe, and

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Anonymous said...

Pity, you've decided to keep the ARC. I was hoping you'd do a comp for it.

But, after your review, I was surprised to find it in my local library. Well, I got it out and it is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is doubtful i would have found it if not for your review, so thank you.

Well worth checking out.

Todd said...

I picked up a copy the other day as well, after reading your review and taking your highest recommendation of it, so thanks! I have not yet started it though.

And I don't blame you for keeping the ARC. I would too. :)

Susan said...

After reading your glowing review, I requested a copy from my local library. It just came in yesterday and I look forward to losing myself within its covers. I am pretty sure I'll enjoy it... I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Pat, thanks for putting me on to SHADOW OF THE WIND.

After your review i went out and bought myself a copy. I am halfway through and enjoying it immensely.

Thanks boss!

Anonymous said...

I also borrowed a copy after the glowing review, and I am enjoying it, though not as much as Pat, and a lot of other people, seemed to. It's a good read and very well written, but it's not dragging me in. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Is this a fantasy book? any fantasy elements in it whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

I bought a copy over the weekend and am a couple of chapters in. Excellent read so far.

Thanks for the recommendation. I already have someone waiting for me to finish reading it so they can borrow it.

Baptiste said...

Thanks to your glorious review I took a copy of Shadow of the Zind on my trip to India and it proved to be an excellent read that I could recommend to nearly anybody. I really glad you made me pick up that book, so thanks again!
To answer the A. post, the book doesn t really contain fantasy even though all of it is bathed in a rather mystic atmosphere.