R. Scott Bakker hops on the bandwagon!

Hi guys!

I recently told you that Steven Erikson, Ian Cameron Esslemont and Jacqueline Carey had all agreed to do mini-interviews to promote their newest releases. Add to that the Tad Williams and Greg Keyes interviews which are already in the works, plus the upcoming ones with Peter F. Hamilton and Patrick Rothfuss, and that's a lot!

This week I received confirmation that a Q&A with both Katherine Kurtz and C. S. Friedman would see the light!:-) And now, R. Scott Bakker has accepted my invitation, though our interview will take place later this spring (probably around May). The only one I'm still waiting to hear from is Scott Lynch. . . I mean, there has to be a Q&A with him prior to the release of Red Seas Under Red Skies!

Anyway, you have already been invited to submit your questions for the other interviews. Now, if you have a question for Bakker (and God knows many people seem to!), feel free to leave it here in the comment section. As always, the most interesting questions will be selected to comprise the interview.

I know that Bakker is not as popular as many fantasy writers out there and that's a shame. In case you're wondering, he's the author of The Prince of Nothing trilogy, which -- in my opinion -- deserves a place in any fantasy collection. Here are links to all three volumes -- all out in paperback now, with the US edition of The Darkness that Comes Before selling for an incredible 5.99$! You can't possibly go wrong!;-)

The Prince of Nothing

The Darkness that Comes Before: Canada, USA, Europe

The Warrior-Prophet: Canada, USA, Europe

The Thousandfold Thought: Canada, USA, Europe



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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

I think the question on most people's minds, and certainly mine, is when The Aspect Emperor book I will be out? Has it been handed in yet, or if not, when does Scott think he will and when is it to be released?

Secondly, what inspired his decision to completely stop posting on the Internet a year ago?

Thirdly, I know Scott is very keen to avoid spoilers of any kind about his books, so he will not any answer any specific question about future books. But in general, could he give something of a synopsis of what The Aspect Emperor will be about? What can readers expect?

Fourthly, how will The Aspect Emperor differ from the Prince of Nothing trilogy?

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
you have read about Scott's email problems?

Quoted from his LiveJournal January 31st:
"Technical Notes and a Question
-The scott@scottlynch.us address has been hosed for a bit now. I found out in the most wonderful way imaginable. I will shift the address to a new provider; for the time being, talldorkstranger at gmail dot com is wide open."

Maybe, your request for an interview did not get through?


Anonymous said...
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Patrick said...

Olaf, I have Scott's personal email address, so no worries there.

Scott mentioned on LJ that he kept away from the internet for over a month for a variety of reasons. We'll have to wait and see of he's too busy for a Q&A in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid my question would sound rather silly:
"Will there be any likeable characters?"
I really liked the Prince of Nothing and I will most likely buy Scott's next book, I trust him to deliver a good, interesting, thoughtful and -through story, but I had one big problem with the PoN: I liked none of the characters, or better, I couldn't root for any of them.
And that is why in my opinion the PoN was not a great book, but "only" a very good one

Anonymous said...

What was up with you not describing the scene in which Cnaiur rapes Conphas in any great detail?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if there was any news on 'Neuropath'. The part I heard sounded really good, and there hasn't been any news on it lately (besides Scott shopping around the screenplay). Personally, I'd rather have the book to read before a movie version comes out.

Anonymous said...

There is an obvious philosophical aspect to the Prince of Nothing trilogy, dealing with determinism and the nature and power of beliefs, among other things. What concepts (if any, though I'm sure there are some) are you planning to tackle in the Aspect-Emperor duology?