Fighting back!

I'm not yet ready to write a piece about Robert Jordan's passing. I took the news pretty hard, like many other fans of the author, and I need a bit of time to collect my thoughts to say something that will do justice to the man and his work. . .

Few people are aware of this, but my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer between Christmas and New Year's Eve a few months back. Understandably, it's not something I felt compelled to shout from every rooftop. Needless to say, the entire family took it rather hard, what with the news coming during the Holidays. If someone close to you suffered from that cancer, you know just how insidious the disease can be and how powerless we are as we witness our loved one wasting away. My mother had the surgery and she went through chemo for many weeks. Fortunately, she is now all right, and we'll know in October if all traces of the cancer are gone. Sadly, not everyone is that fortunate.

Ever since that fateful day right after Christmas, I've been thinking about finding a way to raise funds to help find a cure. No matter how insignificant one feels, I still wanted to do something, -- anything. I discussed a couple of ideas with my agent, Matt Bialer, but none of them seemed viable at the time. Well, Jordan's death has galvanized my resolve to do something. And do it now!

Hence, from here on to December 31st, I will donate the proceeds of my Amazon Associates Programs to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Granted, I've been an associates for over a year, and I've accrued the sum of about 50$ in that span of time. Not exactly the kind of amount which can make a different, some would say. But I disagree. In such an andeavor, every single penny counts.

So if you want to help, all you need to do is click on any of my Amazon links (the Canada, USA, Europe links you see in various posts) and purchase your stuff from there. It doesn't matter if you wish to buy that particular novel or not. As soon as you click on those links, you're good to go!:-) So whether you're shopping for books, DVDs, CDs, yada yada yada, old and new, every purchase you make will help raise funds to find a cure for Breast Cancer. You don't need to spend more, to donate any of your hard-earned dough, or to do anything special to support this worthy cause. Simply click on a link before buying whatever it is you want. As crazy as it sounds, it's as simple as that! With new releases from Brooks, Martin, Pratchett, Novik, Goodkind and so many more already out or on the way, it's never been easier to do a good deed when buying books by your favorite SFF writers.

To be honest, I have no idea just how much money this will generate. But, in the end, I really don't care. I feel the need to do something, and this is the first step. When all is said and done, I'll be proud to write a cheque for 50$, 500$, or 5000$.

If you have a blog/website/whatever and you wish to help spread the word about this, feel free to do so. I nearly lost my mom and now I've lost my favorite author to such calamities. I think it's time to fight back. . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, first of all, I'm glad to hear things look good for your mother. I understand how tough it can be.

Secondly, every little bit helps. Whether it's $5 or 5 million dollars. Awareness is still a critical area where people such as yourself can make a huge difference. Although everyone knows about cancer, people seldom think of it happening to themselves. If your
efforts to raise money and awareness can convince even one more person to get themselves checked out early, then it will be a very worthwhile campaign.

Thank you for doing something.

Tia Nevitt said...

My own mother is a long-term cancer survivor. She had her surgery in 1977. After she finished her chemotherapy three years later (!) she was pronounced cancer-free and has remained so ever since.

It can happen! My best wishes for your mother.

Anonymous said...

Yeah my Mum's been fine for the last 2 years since her treatment, keep up the positive attitude and I'm sure we'll all be clicking away for you.

John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...


I'm glad to see you so galvanized to do something. Just so you know, this is the time of 5K's and Susan G. Komen always host several all over the country to raise support to fight breast cancer. I suggest everybody go to their website and support a team, any team anywhere in the US to help fight this devastating cancer. My aunt died of this and every year a team runs for her under the name Running for Love in Philadelphia. If you don't know who else to give to, feel free to give to them. I always do.

Also, for all you ladies be aware that the most understood form of breast cancer isn't the only type. Theier is another with completely differnt siymptoms that is often overlooked.

Check out for more info that my wife wrote and where she got the information, as well as a link.

M. said...

Your mom and I seem to be on a similar timeline. I was biopsied two days before Christmas, got my diagnosis two days after. Since then I've had surgery, 5 months of chemo, and 2 months of radiation, just finishing in August.

I'm one of the lucky ones: the odds are vastly in my favor. I'm glad to hear your mother is feeling well. It's a tough battle we wage on our own bodies and it takes a long time to heal from the damage done, much longer than is apparent from the outside.

Thanks, Pat, for your efforts to help. I understand how family can feel the need to help. My daughter donated her hair and volunteered at the local cancer center, and my son is growing his hair so he can do the same.

I list some additional resources on my blog in case anyone is interested.

Samitestar said...

I was planning on ordering the new Novik and Hobb, but I don't know how to do this AND donate to Breast cancer, where's the link?

Anonymous said...

Not to spam you with too many stories, but my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, and after several months of treatment all of her hair is back and she's feeling great (she's back to nursing and volunteering as a firefighter in her free time). Keep doing what you can to support your mom, every little bit helps! And as a biochem researcher, I'll tell you every donation also helps as well, given the current funding crunch. There really is a lot of great research going on out there, especially towards fighting breast cancer.

Patrick said...

Thanks guys!:-)

Jennifer: There is no special link. Just click on one of the Amazon links at the bottom of every review (Canada, USA, Europe), and start shopping.

About 5% of the amount will be accrued in the Amazon Associates program, and this is what I'm donating at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Will do.

My best to your mother.

Pat Made Me Read It

Robert said...

Definitely a worthy cause...

Meljprincess said...


I'm a 9 year survivor.

KeithT said...

I recently learned that a family member was diagnosed with cancer.
Being a poor college student, it's hard to think of a way to help the cause.
I just deleted from my favorites and will henceforth go through your site for all of my Amazon needs.
Now I will feel much better when I order all of my insanely expensive textbooks!