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Needless to say, GRRM's LJ post brought a lot of newcomers to the Hotlist.:-)

Many have asked for a link to an index of some sort , so I've added a permanent link to my latest Index of Reviews and Interviews on the left side of the screen. I update it about two or three times a year, but you'll always have the permanent link to take you there in a heartbeat!

This latest index was posted at the end of May, so it covers all the good stuff from the first half of 2007, as well as everything I did since January 2005.


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Anonymous said...


I'm one of the GRRM linkers. Nice work on the public kudos from George.

Fantastic (stupid brain, making unintentional puns) site! Didn't realise this kind of thing existed, although it makes sense.

Just read your Game of Thrones review. That little puppy has been one of my most read since it's trade paperback release all those years ago. Good times. Good times.

Keep up the great work! I've burned your feed into my brain, or feed reader, or something .. so you've been tracked by one more crazy individual.

Look forward to working through your reviews and other posts. You seem to share a similar viewpoint(s) as me, which is cool. For me. Not so much for you, who doesn't know me. Ha.



Patrick said...

Glad you're enjoying the Hotlist, Stu!;-)

Neth said...

You ain't kidding about the power of GRRM to draw people to a site. He just linked my interview (and yours as well) at his main page. I've been flooded with almost 200 visitors in the last 2 hours.

Needless to say, it's made my day.