George R. R. Martin's DREAMSONGS

I received my advance reading copies for both volumes of Martin's Dreamsongs last week. I was meaning to talk about it then, but Jordan's death sort of got me sidetracked. Already published in the UK and as a limited edition by Subterranean Press in North America, Bantam Dell will be publishing this collection of novellas and short fiction later this fall.

I perused both volumes this week, and Dreamsongs looks like it's going to be the perfect opportunity for people like me, namely those who are not well acquainted with the author's award-winning short fiction, to discover GRRM's early work.
The ARCs don't showcase the artwork that will precede every piece, yet it's obvious that this US edition of Dreamsongs will be gorgeous.

I'm really looking forward to reading both Dreamsongs, volume 1 (Canada, USA, Europe) and Dreamsongs, volume 2 (Canada, USA). As a compendium of George R. R. Martin's earlier, this should be quite interesting!

You should look into this!:-)

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Anonymous said...


I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Dreamsongs. It's pretty good, you'll see!

I'm one of the newbies who found your site through GRRM's LJ. When he said that a blog deserved a Hugo nomination, it made me frown. But I've been exploring your stuff for the last two weeks and I'm very impressed.

I particularly enjoyed the "To give or not to give away" post. Very insightful and very interesting how you got into the whole reviewing gig. You have made me reconsider my opinion regarding blogs in general.

Checking your links, I found a few others that appear to be worthwhile. But I'm new to this, so I'll need time to discover which ones are really up my alley.

That being said, is it me or are the newer ones you mentioned in one of your posts just pale imitations of your own blog???

Also, dude you gotta read STORM and FEAST!!!;) Enough with Erikson and those others! Go read some GRRM now!!!

Kind regards (hope GRRM's post brought a lot of newcomers here, for you definitely deserve the kudos!),


Chris, The Book Swede said...

Hi Anon,

I'm one of the newbies Pat mentioned in that post!

I suppose we are all pale imitations in a way, but I know that I, and the others, have all tried to bring something different and varied to the whole blogging/review thing -- which is why, I think, Pat was kind enough to mention us :) ...

Plus quite a few of us, myself included, pestered him a little along the way ... ;)

Pat -- I'm gonna go and get hold of a copy of this, now! Pat made me buy it... :P

The Book Swede