Stephen R. Donaldson contest winners!

Each one of these lucky people will get their hands on a complimentary copy of Donaldson's Fatal Revenant, courtesy of Putnam. Many fans are eagerly awaiting this one, and I'm curious to see what they'll think about it!:-)

The winners are:

- Jeremy Gardner, from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA (Mortice Root on

- Kendall P. Bullen, from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

- Antonio Scarpelli, from Olympia, Washington, USA (Balon on

- Philippe Sylvain, from Levis, Québec, Canada

- Wayne Martin, Jr., from Claremont, New Hampshire, USA

Thanks to all the participants! And stay tuned for my interview with Stephen R. Donaldson, coming your way next week!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks--that's awesome! I am so looking forward to reading the book. I'm also looking forward to your interview!

Kendall, winner #2 of 5

Anonymous said...

Yes sir! I love Donaldson and can't wait to read this! Thank you Pat! I'm an assiduous reader of your blog! Keep the good work!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Haven't won something like THIS in a long time! Thanks a lot Pat!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Pat!I'm beyond excited for this! Thank you so much.