Worldcon 2009 will be held in Montreal

Well, it's official! The 2009 Worldcon will be help in MTL. Which means, I guess, that I'll be meeting quite a few of you in person!;-) We'll have to come up with something fun to do!

Incidentally, if every author/editor/publicist/etc who owes me a drink or two shows up for the event, I should be loaded for the duration of the convention!;-) Looking forward to meeting many of my contacts and favorite writers!

To learn more about this upcoming Worldcon, you can visit their website. There's a lot more to come, I'm sure.

Here's a list of the guests of honor:

Neil Gaiman - Guest of Honour
Elisabeth Vonarburg - Invitée d'honneur
Taral Wayne - Fan Guest of Honour
David Hartwell - Editor Guest of Honour
Tom Doherty - Publisher Guest of Honour
Julie Czerneda - Master of Ceremonies

Hmmm, I guess that having Goodkind and Stanek around was too much to hope for. . .;-)

P. S. Yeah, yeah, guys, I'll tell you all about those stripclubs!:P

2 commentaires:

Peta said...

From Neil Gaiman's blog today:

"I'll be a Guest of Honour at the British Eastercon in 2008 (, and will, I am fairly certain at this point, be saying no to any other convention invitations in 2008 and 2009."

Which seems a bit odd - did they not invite him before announcing him as GOH?

Adam Whitehead said...

I'm hoping to be in Denver but money will determine whether I can do Montreal as well. Hopefully it will be possible, then the Lemmings of Discord can host their very own party!

I hear Goodkind was planning to attend but will be too busy picking up his Nobel Prize for Contributions to Literature instead ;)