Mark Lawrence contest winners!

Thanks to the folks at Ace and Voyager, our three winners will get their hands on a copy of Mark Lawrence's King of Thorns. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

Don't forget that you can pre-order the book via the aforementioned links at 46% off on and 42% off on!

The winners are:

- Mika Sunberg, from Seattle, Washington, USA

- Rick Fennelly, from Lamoine, Maine, USA

- Neil Pearson, from Bristol, England (Red Snow on

Many thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Jorge Deichmann said...

Hi, I know this is not the proper place but I would like to present you the book trailer of a science fiction novel I wrote and ask for your opinion:

Many thanks

Neil said...

I just got in from a late flight and finding a signed copy of the new book in my mail was a very pleasant surprise :) Thanks Mark and Pat!

sundberg said...

Hello Pat- I was thrilled to have received a copy of King of Thorns- thanks so much, I have been terribly excited and hounding my neighbors for a week in anticipation! Not only did I received one book- but I got two! I feel terrible if someone hasn't gotten theirs- shall I return to sender? Thanks again- mika

sundberg said...

i was thrilled to have received my copy of King of thorns in the mail. I was hounding my neighbors for a week in anticipation. However, I received not just one copy but 2! I would feel terrible if someone else didn't get theirs. Shall I return to sender? Thanks again- I just read the first 15 pages and am excited to dive into the rest!