New Glen Cook Interview

Glen Cook, author of the Black Company books (Chronicles of the Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe), The Books of the South (Canada, USA, Europe), The Return of the Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe), The Many Deaths of the Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe)) was one of the guests at the 2011 Utopiales convention in France, and he was part of a press conference set up by the folks from,, L'Autre Monde, and Wikipédia.

It's a pretty extensive interview. One has to wonder how come it took almost a year to be posted. . . Here's a teaser:

Does the work of Didier Graffet on the Black Company influence your way to write now?

No. Everything that he has illustrated was already written before he ever saw any of it. So it has had no influence upon what I do. I have tried to convince my American publisher to use the artwork but they don’t think that it’s commercial as far as the American market goes. I think he’s a genius, I love the work that he does but everything I’ve got in America right now has got a fellow named Swanland on the cover. It doesn’t seem to matter what publisher it is, they put the same generic smerge on the cover that have nothing to do with what’s inside the book but they do sell the book. So even though I don’t like them, I accept them. As a writer you have no choice what goes on the covers of your books anyway so you just have to live with whatever they give you. But it’s easier to live with it if it sells the book, you know, if it brings it to attention to get somebody to pick it up and turn it over and look and see what it’s about.

Follow this link to read the full interview.

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Michael McClung said...

Pat, I take back all the bad things I said about you. I'd never have found this on my own.

Shane said...

Here's another Cook interview that was posted back in April. I also found a podcast interview with him a while back, but I'll have to look for the link.

Anonymous said...

Very confused - despite the posted snippet of the interview, the UK and US covers (via Amazon) used the same cover art.