New Steven Erikson interview

Speaking of Erikson, the folks at just posted a new interview with the author!

Here's a teaser:

Forge of Darkness is a prequel. Did you always have the idea of a prequel in mind, or was it something that developed as an idea as you were writing the Book of the Fallen?

I think it began to take shape as an idea while I was writing Toll the Hounds, and accordingly I began laying the groundwork in that novel, via flashbacks. Histories hide behind other histories, and this Kharkanas trilogy is a layer pulled back, but even there it’s not structured as ‘this is precisely what happened back then.’ Rather, it is a tale deliberately reshaped by the narrator, for motives entirely his own. This detail allowed me to stay fresh in creating the tale, without being too tightly bound to any kind of objective reality.

Follow this link to read the full interview!

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