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Sam Raimi is a person who believes in heroes. His Spider-Man movies are obviously about a heroic person who's rising up to challenges. Sam was instrumental in making that movie about a real person. He understood that [Spider-Man] is about a real individual who had to rise to challenges and be heroic. He strongly believes in the sacredness in heroes for all of us, for kids and adults alike. That's something that really drew him to Wizard's First Rule: he loves the characters; he loves the heroic aspects of [the story]. The reason he wants it done for T.V. is because he says that if he were to do it as a two hour movie, it would ruin the story. He has so much respect for the story that the last thing in the world he wants to do is ruin it; he wants to do a television format.

 Right now he's working on who [the audience] it's going to be for and what format will it take, whether it's going to be an hour [per week] miniseries. He's in the early planning stages, and he wants me to be intimately involved in all aspects of it—more involved than I have time to be! He's told me he wants this to be true to my vision, because if I love it, my fans will love it, and if my readers love it, the general audience will love it. He thinks my involvement [in the project] is integral to its success, and he wants me to be there for every stage of it—and I plan to be

- TERRY GOODKIND about the forthcoming TV series Legend of the Seeker in an interview.

Didn't quite work out as planned, methinks. . . Do you guys remember when that dumbass Mystar stirred up all that crap when he claimed to have met HBO executives in Las Vegas and went on about how the Game of Thrones TV series had been cancelled???

Someone just sent me this parody. . . :P

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Anonymous said...

Was surprised the series lasted for the two seasons it did, it really sucked, so it seems they really captured the essence of the books.

Lagomorph Rex said...

I dunno, I actually rather enjoyed it as it kind of cherry picked the good parts of Goodkind's books and ignored a lot of the political rambling. That and I've been a Sam Raimi fan since I saw Army of Darkness for the first time.. But I think what really hurt Legend of the Seeker was a decided lack of Bruce Cambell..

Anonymous said...

I watched most of it, and noted that the Richard on the TV series was actually a nice guy, as opposed to the homicidal ideologue he became in the books. It was refreshing... but not enough to watch the entire series, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Pat, comment ça se fait que c'est populaire cette série ? J'arrive pas à comprendre... :|

Julien said...

The TV series was crap, but still fun. Heads and shoulders above the books since they cut the insane political ramblings.

Kirshy said...

The TV show was absolute tripe. I read the books and although I agree that the political ramblings, and ridiculous amount of repetition turned a decent story in to a mediocre story, the show could never be called good.

If they had stayed closer to the main plot line of the books, and made it a series like GOT then it could have been watchable. But instead they threw out the meat of the plot, keeping only the character names and some loose plot point, and had these super awful slow-mo fight scenes.

There were so many problems with the show it would take forever to list them here. I got angry every time I sat down to watch. It was a travesty. Pure and simple.

Eric Leblanc said...

I watched both seasons, mainly because the actress playing Kahlan was seriously quite the hottie ;p

This show reminded me of Xena and Hercules back in the days