Turkey and Georgia photo albums

Hey guys,

It sucks being back home. . . The return to reality is tough, no question! But this trip was a blast! The last post I put up on Facebook after my last breakfast at the Agora Guesthouse in Istanbul sums up my feelings perfectly:

Last few hours in Istanbul before my flight back home... =( This was another incredible adventure. Saw some amazing sights. Made new friends. Ate delicious food (lots of vegetables! My mom would be proud!). Drank a lot of beer. Met someone special. Crossed a couple more countries from my checklist. Realized that there is beauty everywhere on this Earth. Feel a strong desire to travel again, even if I'm not even home yet. Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, but that's the way love goes. Special thanks to all the CS who met with me and gave this trip such a great vibe! =) You all have an open invite if ever you are in Montreal! ;-)

Took over 2000 pictures during this month-long adventure across Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia, so I have three different Facebook albums to share with you guys. Here are the first two:

Turkey album

Turkey and Georgia album

As you can see, it may not be Nashville. . . But it's pretty awesome anyway! :P

To put you in the mood, I've included the opening track from a CD of Turkish traditional folk music I bought in Cappadocia.

The photos from Armenia are coming up. . . =)

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Anonymous said...

Pat, the pics are amazing! Label me envious! Wish I could afford to travel the way you do!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos!