New York Times Bestsellers (March 1st 2005)

I'm afraid that I've missed a couple of weeks... Sorry about that!;-)

Terry Goodkind's Chainfire drops 3 spots to number 12. Unbelievably, the latest installment of The Sword of Truth has been on the list for 10 weeks! It's one of those unsolved mysteries...

Luceno's Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil drops 5 spots to end up at number 17, making it a runner-up and no longer a bestseller. Only the top 15 books are considered NYT Bestsellers. The novel has been on the list for 4 weeks.

McCaffrey's Dragonsblood is now at number 28, dropping 3 spots from last week. The new Pern novel has also been on the list for 4 weeks.

All of these books are in hardcover format. No paperback bestsellers to report...

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