New Malazan artwork from the Subterranean Press limited edition

As if you needed an extra reason to consider getting what is shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous limited edition of Steven Erikson's Gardens of the Moon, here is yet another sketch of the Bridgeburners standing over the body of Hairlock.

The denizens of have already pointed out that both Quick Ben and Kalam's skin should be darker, with Kalam being the darker of the two black men. Also, Kalam doesn't wear a cloak. Sorry is in the background, but Tattersail is absent, though this scene is from her own POV.

Feel free to offer your own comment, as Michael Komarck will keep all that info in mind when the time comes to put together the final version of each print. The other two sketches which were submitted to Bill were of the rising of Tool, and the scene in which Quick Ben and Kalam spy on the Tiste Andii from the rooftops. Pretty cool stuff!;-)

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Abalieno said...

Beside those quirks I also think there weren't trees in the area (still the spiege at Pale, on barren hills, I think).

Good art. I'd only change what Wiskeyjack wears with something less standard looking.

Shouldn't they wear the Bridgeburners mark also?

Anonymous said...

"Dully, a row of yellow teeth appeared, then the rest of the mage took shape as Hairlock relinquished the spell. Beads of sweat marked the man’s flat, scarred brow and shaved pate – nothing unusual there: Hairlock would sweat in an ice-pit. He held his head at an angle, achieving in his expression something like smug detachment combined with contempt. He fixed his small dark eyes on Tattersail."

"Off to one side Hairlock waited, wrapped in the dark grey raincoat that was his battle attire"

So hairlock's got a scarred brow, and his clothes are wrong.. he's also probably darker skinned as he's from Aren, where I think the typical population is arabic to dark.

also there woudn't have been trees, he's lying among the remains of a dead legion, broken armour and barrenness is all that's there.

Kalam's more bearish and darker skinned as mentioned, and the cloack really has to go, good call on keeping whiskeyjack's face showing the right cheek as the left has a burn/scar which isn't properly described.

Quick ben likely wouldn't be wearing such elaborate robes, same a as hairlock as already mentioned, his attire would be unnoticeable as possible.

Whiskeyjack's cloak should be dark grey and have the BB broach on it:
"On his dark grey shoulder-cloak was a silver brooch: a bridge of stone, lit by ruby flames."

That said, as a piece of art it's very nice, and it's only obsessives like me who'll notice all the little details that are wrong, the major issues are quick and kalam's skin colour, that has to be fixed.

If he needs any help on description the board will gladly provide.

Imperial Historian

Anonymous said...

I agree with QB and Kalam being to light skinned.
I also think that Quick Ben should be thinner - skinny really and Kalam wider in shoulders.

And clothes are off too as already mentioned.

I’m fine with Tattersail being absent – we see it from her perspective – through her eyes.

Unknown said...

There's no way I would guess that was Quick Ben if I didn't know who it was supposed to be. Isn't he supposed to be a little (maybe a lot) worn around the edges? He should look like he just walked through Hell then spent a few months relaxing in Raraku.

thornofcamorr said...

Gruesome. I love it. You'll be giving a few of these editions away right Pat?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Quick Ben and Kalam should be more dark skinned. Also Whiskeyjack should look a bit older IMO. And if this woman in the background isn't Tattersail then who is she? I think she is Tattersail and i always imagined her with some extra pounds...that's all

Kodanshi said...

Clearly, as others have pointed out, Quick Ben and Kalam need to look a lot darker. As for the lack of Tattersail: well, I assumed we were viewing the scene directly through her eyes, hence why we can’t see her.

Anonymous said...

I believe we can se Sorry in the background. Not 'Sail