New website dedicated to Neil Gaiman's upcoming THE GRAVEYARD BOOK

We’ve created a special site to promote all of the editions (HarperCollins, Bloomsbury, Subterranean) of Neil Gaiman’s forthcoming stunner, The Graveyard Book. New features will be posted over there regularly, but to start with, you’ll find an interview with Neil on the main page, details on the various editions (Subterranean and Bloomsbury, thus far) sprinkled throughout the site, as well as some samples of Dave McKean’s illustrations for the book. Head over and have a look.

Check it out here!

ARCs will be available in a few weeks' time, and I'm curious to read this one. . .:-)

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

I saw the new site on Neil Gaiman's journal -- also looking forward to this one greatly, and I would kill for this ARC :D

I've read chapter four, and I loved it. Maybe there's some kind editor reading these comments...?

The Book Swede

PS: I was saving a similar post for tomorrow :D

Unknown said...

Please, Neil, write another novel. One aimed at adutls. For the love of God.

Chris, The Book Swede said...

A lot of his "kids novels", such as Coraline, the book for little girls (of all ages and genders) are more than suitable for adults. He writes for two audiences at once, and really well, too.

Unknown said...

They are really good and I do like them quite a bit.
I'm just really jonesing for something a little more like American Gods.

Mark Lord said...

Hi Patrick

The site looks really interesting. Sorry to ask on the comment to this post, but I couldn't see a contact email on the blog anywhere, but would you like to exchange links. My blog is at



Andrea Eames said...

Looking forward to this one!

Also just wanted to say thanks for the Acacia giveaway - it arrived safely this week :)